The Lotus Eaters
The Lotus Eaters
Wednesday, November 11, 2018, 12:00 pm
17-19 Triton Street

Fast food, fast fashion; people and services at your door at the click of an app: are we, like The Lotus Eaters of Homerian myth, lost in a world of consumption, victims to addictive highs?

Aindrea Contemporary will bring it's final exhibition of 2018 to Regent's Place, showcasing seven, early-career artists through painting, animation and installation.

In the novel, the residents of a luxury apartment building gradually lose interest in any life beyond its walls, becoming consumed by themselves and in turn, literally and metaphorically consuming others. I wanted to connect the classical Lotus Eater reference and Ballard’s modern reflections on our vulnerability to consumption”, she says.

Hailed as ‘a ground-breaking new voice in the art world’ for ‘resisting limitations and breaking glass ceilings’, Aindrea has made her mark with collectors and artists alike, sourcing much of the work that she shows through social media and recent graduate shows.