Thursday, June 06, 2018, 18:00 pm
Hongshan District, 16 Yezhihu Road, Wuhan City

“Defibrillation – Beiyu & Zhoumeng Double Exhibition” was exhibited in Hall 7 of the Art Museum on June 14, 2018. The exhibition was curated by Qiu Haibo, and the executive director of the Art Museum, Lu Hong, was the academic host. A total of 27 works by Beiyu and Zhoumeng were exhibited, including installations, images and digital images.

The exhibition featured 23 digital images of Beiyu and 3 pieces of video and 1 space installation by Zhou Meng. As an artist based on literary writing, Beiyu tries to translate “text” and “image” in his works, trying to explore different nationality backgrounds, cultural influences, and intertextuality under the language system. . Unlike most artists who express themselves purely, Beiyu hides “different clues” in endless details, trying to put the audience under their own ideology, then downplaying the creator’s identity and making the interpretation decisions. The right is given to the audience. His works "Mr." and "Translation": I know that you will leave me, but I still love you. The image is decoded and re-encoded, giving the viewer unlimited imagination.

Zhou Meng's creation involves a variety of art forms, including painting, video, sculpture, sound, and installation. This exhibition featured three pieces of video works and one space installation of his "Bamboo Yuan", "Citizen Xiang" and "Walk Within". Because of the design of the clothing, he has great interest and sensitivity to the fiber material, silk. He uses silk as a medium or means of image expression. Specifically, he made the silk into Hankie (Japanese style square). Silkworm pockets, and then layer by layer of high and low, the process is like crusting, from nothing, like the transformation of life. The three video works were projected onto different silk screens. The lens depicts one of the buildings to be demolished during the Soviet Union's construction in China, and the other is a residential area built on the river to maintain the original lifestyle. One is an ancient style club that plays the Jiangnan Xiaoqu. The materials of these images are all from the small town of Jiangnan in China. They were shot in black and white and were deliberately processed on the clip. In his works, you can feel the passage of time, the consumption of life and the incompetence of human beings.

The exhibition is one of the exhibition projects of the Art Museum to promote young artists. The exhibition will last until August 14.